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5 Home Security Mistakes You’re Almost Certainly Making

We all make mistakes, but some are more costly than others. Learn what home security mishaps make you the perfect target for burglars.

Correcting your mistakes is an important part of maximizing your home’s safety. But first, you need to gain a full understanding of what costly home security mistakes you may be making.

#1: Unused alarms

It sounds silly, but this is among the biggest home security mistakes. You’d be surprised how many people, after investing in a home alarm system, are too lazy to use it. Whether you’re running out for 10 minutes or 10 hours, your alarm system should always be on. Let it do its job!

#2: Unreliable locks

Don’t skimp on your locks. Spend the extra money to get reputable, sturdy locks you can trust. So many houses have older or insufficient locks that can easily be picked or kicked in.

#3: Unlocked garages

Another in the long list of everyday home security mistakes is leaving the garage unlocked. Many residents are good about locking their door and windows, but forget about the garage. And if you’ve got an attached garage, leaving it unlocked can give burglars easier access to inside your home.

#4: Unwise vacation planning

When you take time off of work to go on vacation, you can’t take time off from being vigilant against potential intruders. Before you head out of town, find a friend or neighbor to look after your property, taking in the mail, newspapers and turning on lights. Otherwise, be sure to use a timer for indoor lighting and put a hold on your delivery services. Also, don’t announce to the world that you won’t be home on social media or on your outgoing voicemail message.

#5: “Unhidden” spare keys

You may think your spare key is hidden in the mailbox, under the welcome mat or in a fake rock in the garden. Truth is, it’s not really hidden at all because burglars are all too familiar with the obvious hiding places. If this is one of the home security mistakes you’re making, try giving a spare key to your neighbor instead.

Photo By: Chalon Handmade, May 6, 2015 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

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