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The Position of Your Home Can Determine if Thieves Will Strike

Buyer Beware: Your Home’s Position Can Determine If a Burglar Targets You

By doing a bit of research, you might learn that you’re better off buying your home when it’s cold outside. During the warmer months of the year, home sales increase, and so do your chances of having to fight off other buyers. As the temperature drops, take your time to find the home that you and your family have always dreamed of. To that end, don’t forget that location is everything, including whether or not a burglar might target you.

Close Proximity to Offenders

While you might look for certain amenities while shopping for a home, some could be just as detrimental as they are advantageous, especially when it comes to crimes. Spots commonly targeted by burglars include:

  • Homes near shopping centers, public transportation stops and sports arenas
  • Neighborhoods with drug and crime problems
  • Areas with a large population of young people

According to The National Center for Victims of Crime, in 2014 there were 15,288,467 property crimes and the majority occured in or near an urban setting. This isn’t to say you should give up wanting to live near a bus stop or among people your age, just that you should secure your home accordingly with alarm monitoring.

Living Near Homes That Have Been Burglarized

Check out FBI crime statistics and reports for the neighborhoods you’re considering. Homes in the area that have already been burglarized could attract future attempts and prove to be low-hanging fruit for criminals.

Properties in Quiet Neighborhoods

You might like being far removed from the city and from other people, but living in a removed location could become a vulnerability. Without nearby neighbors, you don’t have anyone to help look after you and your property, nor is there anyone else who might see a burglar trying to break into your home. Additionally, According to  corner homes are often targeted because they are more accessible and neighboring houses are often limited in their view.  If you have your heart set on a home in a low-traffic area, it’s a good idea to look into investing in quality home alarm monitoring.  

For more tips on protecting your home, whether you’re buying or have owned your residence for years, reach out to Alarm Relay for the best protection and professional alarm monitoring.



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