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What to Consider When Switching Your Alarm Monitoring Service

You can care deeply about your family’s safety and protecting your valuables, but still not want to spend every hour of the day thinking about it. That’s why you had an alarm system installed in the first place and because the security of your family and your home are so important to you, it’s easy to go for broke when you set up your system.

You bought the best you could afford and chances are you signed right up for the company’s monitoring package – probably paying a premium in the process.

Why? Because what most homeowners don’t know is that there are companies that both install home security systems and offer home alarm monitoring and then there are UL-listed companies that offer reliable, 24/7 monitoring at a fraction of the cost.


Home Alarm Monitoring vs. Security Systems

When you were choosing an alarm system, you may have paid more attention to the functionality of the on-site features like sensors and alarms (in other words, the actual system) than to the details of your monitoring plan. But the best sensors in the world aren’t effective without someone observing the data being analyzed by your system and calling for help when it’s needed.


It’s Alarm Monitoring That Keeps You Safe

The specialized technicians monitoring your home security system around the clock receive an alert in the event of a break in, fire, carbon monoxide risk or other emergency. They can then alert the proper authorities to the danger, disaster or injury so your loved ones get the help they need as quickly as possible.

That said, home security isn’t a one size fits all industry. Monitoring packages offer your family different levels of protection, from basic security features like smoke detector and entryway sensor monitoring to packages that include remote camera viewing, custom apps and even home automation.


You Can Switch Home Alarm Monitoring Companies

One of the main reasons people overpay for monitoring services is because they don’t realize that other companies can monitor their particular system. And since they don’t know that, they assume that long-term contracts and hefty fees are the norm and never research alternative options.


Becoming a Switcher Is Easy

In general, switching to a new home alarm monitoring system is uncomplicated and quick. As you research prospective monitoring companies, look into the details of your current contract to find out when it expires and what happens if you cancel your contract early. Even if cancelling means paying an activation fee now, it’s usually worth it when you can save $20-$50 per month by making the switch.

Remember, the monitoring company you’re switching to should be able to walk you through the process without a lot of hassle. But as you make the switch, you’ll need to carefully remove the access and permissions your old monitoring service had by taking back keys and access cards, changing access codes and finally, deleting their user accounts. The days of paying too much for alarm monitoring service because there were no other options are thankfully a thing of the past.

Only you can decide whether making the switch to another monitoring company is right for your family. The best way to stay protected is to do your research. Talk to neighbors and friends, read up on the companies in your area and then don’t be afraid to be a switcher! Once you find a great home alarm monitoring company you can rest assured that you’re safe whether you’re thinking about security or not.

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