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The 4 Main Reasons Your Family Needs a Wireless Home Security System

If you’ve been considering getting a wireless home security system, why wait any longer? Installing a home security system could help minimize break-ins, reduce a loss of property, and keep your family safer.

Having a wireless home security system makes it much easier to monitor your home, as you can keep an eye on things—or control lights and the thermostat—from wherever you are. Installation is also fairly simple.

Below are the four most important reasons you need a wireless home security system to keep your family safe.



1. Minimize break-ins

Owning a home security system alone can sometimes be enough to deter a burglar. Placing a security system sign in your front window, by the front door, or in your yard could be enough to send a potential intruder looking for a new target. After all, there are homes out there without security systems, so why would a burglar go to the risk of breaking into a secured home?

Most burglars are looking for a nice, quiet house without a security system in place. They know they’ll be less likely to encounter any alarms, getting caught on video, or having the police show up. Installing a wireless system makes setup easier than running all the wires necessary for a wired system.


2. Reduce the loss of property

If a burglar isn’t deterred from entering your home even though you have a home security system in place, it won’t take long for the intruder to take flight. Having a home security system in place and working means a loud alarm will sound if your home is broken into. The alarm should scare away the intruder before he or she has time to find your jewelry, electronics, cash, or other valuables.

If the burglar does stick around even with the alarm sounding, it won’t be long before police arrive. An intruder will get away with far less of your property if you have a home security system in place, versus nothing. Not having a system in place means the intruder would have time to search your house and take what he or she wants. Time means everything to a burglar.

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3. Keep your family safer

If you have a home security system in place, you’re less likely to interrupt a burglar in your house. If you do come home and hear the alarm sounding, don’t enter your house. Wait for police arrive so you don’t confront the burglar alone.

If you don’t have a home security system, you might come home from work, a weekend away, or vacation, and someone could be lurking in your house. Without an alarm sounding to warn you, you’ll be more likely to enter your home as normal and only then discover (or not!) that someone is inside. Save yourself the scare and install a home security system.

With a home security system, you’ll also be alerted if there’s a fire, smoke, or toxic levels of carbon monoxide in your home. The police and fire department can be alerted, too, if a smoke or carbon monoxide detector in your home goes off. This could save your home from burning down if a fire breaks out while you’re away, or save your loved ones from the odorless, colorless, deadly gas that is carbon monoxide.

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4. Know what’s happening when you’re not there

One of the biggest benefits to having a wireless home security system is that you can manage your system with your smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to remotely disarm your system, if say, the dog walker or a handyman needs to get into your house (then arm it again when they leave).

Forget to turn the heat down when you left the house for a weekend away? Not a problem, an advanced home security system can do it for you. You can also set lights to go on and off—a great way to make it look like someone is home—from your smartphone while you’re away (if you forgot to program it in advance).

You can also use your home security system to do things like make sure your kids got home from school safe, or unlock the door for them if they forgot their keys. Technology provides so many perks to wireless home security systems. You’ll just want to have a backup power supply ready, in case you lose power.

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