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4 Unconventional Ways to Use Your Home Security System

You’ve installed a home security system, and the would-be intruders are doing their part and keeping away. Now what? Are there more ways to use your home security system?

There are. Keep more than just your doors and windows secure, keep your family safe and sound by using your home security system in some creative and unconventional ways.

Use these four tips for ways to use your home security system in some unexpected ways. Or, if you haven’t got a home security system yet, find out what you should know about home security systems before you buy.

  1. Keep kids out of trouble

In addition to keeping intruders out, you can use door and window sensors to keep your kids in. Have your toddlers figured out how to work door handles? Sensors can alert you if your kiddo gets the door open and tries to leave your home.

You can also use sensors in the pool area, so an alarm will sound if your child tries to get into or over the pool fence. You’ll have peace of mind that your little Houdini won’t be going for a dip on the sly.

Use sensors and alarms smartly and you’ll gain peace of mind that a potentially dangerous situation likely won’t unfold without you knowing about it. You’ll be able to react quickly if you know something is going down.

  1. Use entry sensors and secret alerts

Sensors are also great for use on balconies, medicine chests, liquor cabinets, or other areas of the home you don’t want your children to access. Got a teen that might try to sneak out of the house at night? Catch him or her in the act with entry sensors.

Or maybe you have birthday presents hidden in your closet. You can use a secret alert to tell you if your child decides to snoop around to find his or her gifts. You’ll get a message about the activity instead of hearing an alarm sound.

Curious about how your cell phone plays a role? Learn more about how to manage your home security system on your mobile device.

Secret alerts also allow you to keep tabs on your kids, letting you know that they’re coming and going from the house safely, without triggering alarms. This is especially valuable if your kids are alone after school before you get home.

If your house gets frequent visitors from a cleaning person, nanny, handyman, dog walker, or just a neighbor who waters your plants while you’re away, find out if somebody goes riffling through your stuff. Secret alerts and sensors can tell you if someone’s opened a nightstand or peeked in a cabinet.

Some places to consider use of sensors:

  • Medicine chests
  • Liquor cabinets
  • Night tables
  • Safes
  • Jewelry drawers or chests
  • Closets
  • Windows and doors
  • Sheds
  • Garage doors
  1. Personalize it

By assigning each member of your family a pin number, they can punch it into the home security system when they come and go from your house. This allows you to find out not only that someone has entered your house, but which member of the family it is.

Did your kids arrive home after school? Is your teen out past curfew? There will be no room for your children to fudge it when your system tells you exactly what time they came in.

You can also give dog walkers or nannies their own pin, giving them access to your house without giving them a key.

Unconventional Ways to Use Your Home Security System

  1. Secure your outdoor belongings

In addition to keeping your home and family secure, there are ways to use your home security system to make sure nothing goes missing from outside your home. Use a garage door sensor to keep people out of your garage. You can also use door or window sensors on your outdoor sheds, RVs, pool houses, or anything else outside.

Pools and hot tubs are other areas to consider placing sensors. Going away on vacation? Keep the neighborhood kids from sneaking in for a dip by setting up a sensor and alarm.

Or maybe you simply want to know when the mail arrives each day. Set a sensor up in your mailbox so you’ll get a message when the postman has left the day’s delivery. 

Who knew there were so many unconventional ways to use your home security system? What ways do you use yours to keep your family safe and secure?

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