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7 Valentine’s Day Tips to Protect Your Home While You Enjoy Date Night

Valentine’s Day can be a magical outlet to express your affection to a loved one, and often times that can mean being away from home while you enjoy an evening out on the town. Review these home security tips to ensure your property is safe before date night.

How safe is your home when you’re away? According to the FBI, larceny theft accounts for 71.4% of property crimes.


 1. Lock all doors and windows: While this might seem like the most obvious tip, think about the last time you went through your entire home to make sure everything was locked and sealed tight. Be sure to check bathroom windows, doggy doors, and even the second story sliding glass patio doors (burglars are not afraid to climb in order to break in!). Additionally, be sure to test your window and door alarm sensors to make sure they are working properly. If you are a current Alarm Relay subscriber, you can test your alarm at any time by calling our Central Station and informing the operator you would like to test your alarm. You might be surprised by which doors and windows have been left unsecured in your home!

2. Turn on your home automated light: Having lights constantly on room to room in your house can be a great burglar deterrent! This will make anyone that could possibly be watching your house think that someone is home. Learn more about controlling your lights, locks, thermostats and other home devices remotely from your smartphone here

3. Keep blinds closed: Making sure that any perpetrator can’t see into your home is key to ensuring nothing catches their eye! Leaving your blinds closed will give you peace of mind knowing no one can observe the inside of your home. Protect your valuables with the age old saying “out of sight, out of mind”.

4. Let your dog run free: Big or small, burglars hate dogs! Whether your dog is big and scary or little and loud, your pup is a great line of defense for your home.

5. Turn your alarm system on: In the hustle and bustle of getting to your movie showing or dinner reservations on time, it can be easy to forget about your alarm system. Be sure to turn on all sensors and cameras and keep your phone handy for any alerts or calls that may pop up. If you forgot to arm your alarm, you can utilize a smart home app service, like the Alarm Relay app, to arm or disarm your security system conveniently from your phone.

6. Don’t give burglars an easy escape route: Closing and locking gates and high fences can turn your property into an unpleasant obstacle course for any intruder. Be sure to post warning signs and decals in front of your home or on your fence to make it seem impossible to get away with any crimes on your domain!

7. Prepare for the worst: Assuming that none of the above tips were effective, it is vital to have a plan for any emergency situation. To protect your home and your valuables in such a critical time you must rely on first responders to get to your home swiftly and urgently. The Rescu Emergency App by Alarm Relay is the fastest way to send first responders to your home regardless of where you are located. Having your personal information and address already saved in the app saves time and eliminates the hassle of contacting authorities by dialing 911. Having Rescu ready to use on your phone and Alarm Relay monitoring services will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy date night!



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