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5 Things You May Not Know About Alarm Monitoring, But Should.

Home alarm monitoring is a service you are likely familiar with. But do you know of all the benefits alarm monitoring provides? Understanding the logistics of home alarm monitoring will help you to better protect your family and home. Here’s a list of facts you may not know about home alarm monitoring service.

  1. Use Your Existing Alarm Equipment
    The majority of the time, an alarm system can be connected to any alarm monitoring company. Many security companies offer a discounted alarm system when you sign a long-term contract. Once the contract length is over, and you own your alarm system, you usually have the option of switching alarm monitoring providers. Many UL-Listed Central Stations specialize in providing quality alarm monitoring for most security panels on the market. Keeping an existing alarm system will save you time and money.
  2. You Don’t Need A Landline
    Advances in communication technologies, and the decline of traditional landlines in homes, has led to the rise of alternate communication options for home alarm systems. Internet monitoring allows alarm signals and other information from your panel to be sent securely through your router to the Central Station. Cellular monitoring, sometimes known as wireless monitoring, uses cellular technologies to send signals to the Central Station. Internet alarm monitoring and cellular alarm monitoring are both more secure than standard landlines anyways.
  3. Self-monitoring Can’t Do The Job
    With so many technologies readily available, our culture is becoming increasingly disconnected. If you or your home is in danger, it is not safe to rely on your neighbors to contact authorities at the sound of your alarm. People often ignore car alarms and home alarms, they believe it is just someone accidentally setting it off–not a burglar. When you have home alarm monitoring through a UL Listed Central Station, you can count on qualified alarm operators to make sure you and your family are always safe.
  4. Alarm Monitoring Companies Are NOT All The Same
    At first glance, many alarm monitoring companies may appear to be equal in quality of service. Reputable home alarm monitoring companies hold accreditations and certifications. Credentials from the Better Business Bureau with a high standing and accreditation are highly valued in all businesses. It is also important to ask a company if they are UL Listed or have any other security credentials. Being monitored by a UL Listed Central Station is essential to ensure your safety. UL Listed Central Stations are regulated and have inspections every year.
  5. Home Alarm Monitoring IS Affordable
    Most alarm monitoring companies charge between $15.00 per month to $100.00 per month with the average price being $30.00 per month. At Alarm Relay, we believe that safety and peace of mind should be affordable for everyone. By providing direct alarm monitoring to customers, we cut out the middle man and save our clients money. We offer wireless home security and alarm monitoring starting at only $8.95 per month.

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