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United States

They are a great service provider. Was with ADT... this is the better value. Just had a reprogram issue on my old wire panel and they walked me through it perfectly. Thanks for always calling when I trip the alarm. Bravo.

Rafael Saldaña
United States

My Security expert (former USAF) recommended Alarm Relay for Monitoring. Switching to them was easy and very professional. These folks really care and are thorough. Christian Alvarado in Tech support and the whole sales and customer support teams work all together as a big team to make it happen for the customer. Great experience.

Jeffrey Weiss
United States

It is a rare treat to work with the people at Alarm Relay. I have been impressed with each interaction I've had from my initial inquiry to setting up monitoring service. I think these people really like their jobs and it shows in how they treat customers - cheerfully, knowledgably, and anticipating what needs to be done. I'm already a loyal customer.

United States

Alarm Relay will prove to be a disruptive business model. Super customer service, incredible price. I set my mother up on it in California, I will probably do so in my property in Ohio! I had been searching for something like Alarm Relay for a long time. Finally glad to have found it!!!!

Jerry A.
United States

Easy install with the installer on the phone and a screw driver to connect four wires that was supplied with the unit. I had some concern before starting but the installer was so patient and easy to work with, there were no problems.

Michael O’Malley
United States

I have used Alarm relay on three different houses. They have been fantastic with moving service and monitoring the homes.
I have set the alarm off a couple of times and there response is almost instant. They are great!!!

David Townsend
United States

Great service fast response time. Had ADT for 16years and I am glad I switched. Should have done it sooner money down the drain. Did not know better but I do now. ADT tried to retain me as a long time customer and offered my best reduced rate of $18.95per month. No thanks. I own my DSC Alarm system and recently integrated it with Smartthings and Alarmdecoder...

Bob Steven
United States

Wonderful experience! Leann walked me through the process so that I had no unanswered questions. I've been an Alarm Relay client for many years now (my 4th location using AR) and am always amazed with the level of service you provide.

Juan Diaz
United States

Easy to setup! They walked me through re-configuring my system. In under 15 minutes, we configured and then tested all doors, windows & sensors and were up & running. I’ve tested response times by creating false alarms and consistently get called within 30 seconds.

Bria V
United States

Working with Alarm Relay was a great experience. It was easy, quick and painless. I would highly recommend for anyone who has an alarm system and wants to switch or to those newbies out there thinking about getting an alarm. I have had better service and monitoring from Alarm Relay in the last 3 months then I had with ADT for 15 years!

Paul Brownstein

Excellent installation experience and system appears to be operating smoothly as it should but could not use "right out of the box" as their supplied installation instructions, promos and customer service on ordering imply. ---Mysteriously, they don't tell you that it cannot be used until an agent calls to program it. Once I learned that the appointment for...

Shane Jolly

Cost effective. Good communication. Made set-up super easy. Helped with equipment selection - saving me close to $150.

Only started monitoring this week, but so far I’m very happy.

Talia Fuentes-Bustamante

Wow, this company has been amazing from the initial conversation to inquire about service to actually completing the service through the phone. My technician was so fast! I was done with the "installation process" in 30 minutes and it was super easy to follow. As long as I have good service with the alarm over the next year, I will continue to do business with them.

Brian Roberts

Had technical service call to install and setup system. Technician was very helpful and we were able to set things very easily, including some new window sensors.

Mark Poche

Carly and Christian were excellent at their jobs making the experience pleasant and efficient. Highly recommend their company.

Stephen Skedzielewski

Switching over an existing alarm system in a newly purchased house turned out to be quite a chore, but the staff at Alarm Relay kept at it and today my upgraded system is working. I needed to replace the communications part of the system and it took several approaches to find the one that worked. Their support staff is excellent!

Bob Fink

Excellent experience starting up Alarm Relay's monitoring service. Great price, sales staff and technical staff.

Robert Hall

Tech help was concise, clear and patient. He explained everything very well and never faltered at knowing what the next step was.


Peter Weatherby

Outstanding pricing and service - I'm saving over 40% from my previous company. Setup was excellent with a very patient and proficient technician (Christian). The whole thing took less than an hour. Office staff (Christina, Danielle, others) also very professional and friendly, expert assistance.

Roy Jarvis

Easy transaction and transition away from the other Alarm Company. I have been looking for a better option for a while. Alarm Relay is the better choice. Customer service is top notch. It is Great to hear a friendly voice on the other end. Thanks again for taking care of my needs.

Bill M.
Washington, DC

I had a problem with one PIR which is a motion sensor. Erica was very patient with me on the phone and explained how I could bypass the zone in the interim until a technician was available to trouble shoot the problem. She expertly walked me through the process of programming the panel so I could still set my alarm by temporarily removing the troubled zone from...

Joseph T.
Naples, FL

I purchased a system kit & everything was easy to setup.
Scheduled a call from a tech & he went thru the setup without a problem.
So far everything is exactly as promised, a lot less expensive than the big alarm companies !

Jeff S.

I had a different monitoring company for approximately 40 years. They changed ownership and I was unhappy with the price increase and attitude. A friend of mine switched from that company to Alarm Relay. It took me several months but I finally switch. I really found a completely different attitude as well as a price that was less than half of what the previous...

Ken W.
San Diego, CA

We have been a customer for over four years. Customer service is excellent. Their service technicians (Fernando, Paul & Tony) are knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. I have had alarm systems in our previous homes, so we know the difference between great and not-so-great. We wholeheartedly recommend Alarm Relay (Watchlight) 100%
7/30/19: We experienced a...

Roger F.
San Mateo, CA

I had a different monitoring company for approximately 40 years. They changed ownership and I was unhappy with the price increase and attitude. A friend of mine switched from that company to Alarm Relay. It took me several months but I finally switch. I really found a completely different attitude as well as a price that was less than half of what the previous...

Edward D.
Colora, MD

My wife and I decided to try Alarm Relay. We ordered a new device and scheduled a tech to help me install it. It took about an hour to install and program. It all went very smoothly. I was impressed with the techs knowledge of my system and checking things before we got started.

So I'm happy with our choice.

Ted L.
San Tan Valley, AZ

They helped me upgrade my alarm system and made sure it was operating correctly. The sales person (Susan) worked with me and made sure everything went smoothly. The technical support technicians were very knowledgeable and proficient. The entire experience was great, with just a couple of hiccups that were quickly resolved. Great service, courteous people, and...

George B.
Austin, TX

I just switched over and I was very pleased with the experience. So far I'm very impressed. The technician was outstanding and the application is great. I am looking forward to working with them into the future. Even the sales experience was pleasant with no pressure.

J J.
Edenvale, San Jose, CA

I've been nothing but happy with the service. With a 15 minute phone conversation, I was able to reprogram my old ADT alarm so they could monitor. The cost is a fraction of what I was paying with ADT, and they're right on the ball with calling if there is a trouble or alarm on the system. I never got that kind of service from ADT.

Art M.
Lake Elsinore, CA

I found Alarm Relay while looking to switch alarm monitoring companies due to a price increase. Alarm Relay's pricing is very competitive and fit my budget. Once service was disconnect from my old alarm company, the switch over began. After speaking to sales and electronically signing standard documents, including filling out a new customer form, you will make...

Howard M.
San Francisco, CA

I recently decided to have my system monitored. My main concern was for smoke detector protection .I had my system , which was hard wired when I had my log home built in 1998. I went for many ,many years without monitoring ;but decided about 5 years ago to have it monitored .I contacted a local alarm company; who came to my home and upgraded the system. They...

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