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Rescu: The Modern Medical Alert System

Being an at risk medical patient can make you feel helpless, especially when choosing to live alone. Disabled or at risk patients may feel like they’ve lost independence and freedom. Using the Rescu app from Alarm Relay gives back independence through the convenience of a smartphone.

Many at risk, elderly, and disabled patients have relied on medical alert systems to help them maintain independence at home. Medical alert systems often include a bracelet or necklace that must be worn at all times and can be pushed in the event that the patient falls or needs immediate emergency assistance. In modern times, many people now have their cell phones on them at all times. Patients can now use an app from the convenience of their phone to request immediate help. With just a two taps in the Rescu app, patients can summon an ambulance directly to their home.

This user-friendly app is simple to install and set up. After Rescu is  downloaded on the user’s phone it only takes a few minutes to enter personal information and notification preferences. One of the best features Rescu offers is the ability to instantaneously notify the subscriber’s chosen family members and friends as soon as an emergency event is triggered. Rescu provides the peace of mind necessary when in-home medical assistance and medical monitoring is needed for a patient.

In this day and age, it is common to have a family member or friend who may need sudden medical attention. Rescu can benefit them in a way that could save their life. For example, patients who suffer from seizures, severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, or diabetes may only have seconds to get help. In a medical crisis, patients with these illnesses are often incapable of speaking. Rescu is designed to quickly, and effectively, dispatch an ambulance without having to converse on the phone or delay medical attention by providing routing details to a 911 operator. All of the user’s data is programmed into the Rescu app for a convenient and instantaneous dispatch experience.

Rescu is available on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. Download today and feel confident that you’ll have access to the fastest emergency response available.

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