Alula Wireless PINpad Alarm Keypad (RE652)


Alula RE152 is a convenient and secure PIN pad that lets you input your code in simple steps. It only needs 1 button for arming and 4-digit code input for disarming. Portable yet convenient to use, as it easy to carry anywhere. With its size, it can even be carried inside your purse or just keep it slid into your car’s visor.

Green and red LED lights let you know arming status. Has a strong RF signal, easy to mount on wall using strong adhesive tapes or screws, and equipped with battery for longer duration of use.

Key features:

  • 1-button arming, 4-digit code disarming
  • Compact but convenient to use
  • LED lights for arming feedback
  • Easy to mount; adhesive or screws to attach to wall
  • Portable
  • Reliable radio frequency
  • Long-life battery

Manual: Download


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