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How It Works

How Can You Offer $8.95 Per Month Alarm Monitoring?

It is simple: you deal directly with the source because we cut out the supplier in the middle by marketing directly over the internet.

Alarm monitoring should NEVER cost $30 /month
For years consumers have been over-paying for alarm monitoring. This is largely due to the fact that most systems were originally financed for a very low dollar amount up front. The alarm company would typically make a return on investment over the course of the 3 to 5 year term of the agreement.

Today, most systems that are installed in homes and businesses across the world have been paid for years ago. But, does your alarm company call you to tell you that you can stop paying $30/month now? Of course not! 

Additionally, most alarm systems are installed by independent alarm dealers. And guess what, they do not have their own central station monitoring. They have to go to a wholesale monitoring provider where they purchase alarm monitoring at wholesale rates. Their wholesale rates are the same price that we offer you today by going direct.

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