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Everything You Need to Know About Porch Pirates

Porch piracy is a countrywide epidemic that seems unstoppable. Though online shopping provides customers with the perfect platform for placing orders conveniently, ensuring those orders reach them safely is a challenge. Safety is a big concern because of the increasing number of porch pirates who are on the loose- swooping away packages delivered by e-retailers from the customer’s doorstep. Read this post to learn about porch pirates and the best ways to avoid falling prey to package thefts.

Porch pirates

Alarming Porch Pirates and
Package Theft Statistics You Can’t Ignore

By reading these alarming statistics, you can easily gauge the increase in porch piracy. Studies show that:

  • Nearly 36 percent of the people in the US have had a parcel stolen from their porch at least once
  • 40% of all the stolen packages are valued at approximately $50 to $100
  • Roughly 11 percent of US citizens have had their packages stolen three times, and more
  • In 2022, 79 percent of the people became victims, with more than half of them having more than 1 package stolen by porch pirates from their doorstep
  • Nationwide, package theft accounts for a loss of over 19 US dollars annually

Now that you know the statistics related to porch piracy, let’s dig deeper to understand the concept and ways to keep thefts at bay.

Porch Pirates- Who Are These People?

As the name suggests, a porch pirate steals other people’s packages from their porches or doorsteps. They get the perfect chance to attack when nobody receives a package. In such cases, the delivery service leaves the customer’s package at the doorstep. Hence, porch piracy is also referred to as an opportunity crime.

Most porch pirates would be able to steal if the packages were small. Not only are small packages easy to swipe, but they most often contain valuable merchandise which can easily be resold for good money. These may include products like:

  • Video game systems
  • Sound systems
  • Laptops
  • Phones

Nonetheless, this crime soared in 2020 during the pandemic and has picked the pace ever since, with hundreds of people becoming victims of porch piracy daily. Porch piracy has increased and will not end anytime soon because of the growing trend of online shopping. People simply love the flexibility, comfort, convenience, and other perks of shopping online. You can order anything you like online from any part of the world and have it delivered to your desired location. 

So, if you too enjoy online shopping but at the same time are worried about becoming a victim, then take precautions. An increase in porch piracy doesn’t mean you should stop shopping online or cancel your plans and wait at home until the order arrives. All you must do is take the steps below to deter porch pirates.

Porch pirates

Porch Pirates - Best Ways to Prevent Package Thefts

Here are the top ways to deter thieves and reduce the chances of porch piracy:

Invest in a Porch Pirate Lock Bag

Fairly large and made from durable and thick material, these bags are designed exclusively to keep porch pirates away. Simply invest in one of these and enjoy shopping for your favorite products online without worrying about porch piracy.

Once you get a porch bag, instruct the delivery team to put the package in it and lock it to anything fixed with a combination lock attached. In this way, you can prevent porch pirates from going for the kill. However, if they are truly adamant about getting the package you ordered, it will take a lot of time and energy for them to cut through the bag and get to the package. And in such a scenario, chances are that someone from your neighborhood might see the pirate and call the police.

Collect Packages From the Local Post Office

Another way to protect your package from getting stolen by porch pirates is to collect packages from the local post office. However, the only thing limiting this option is that not all USPS locations receive deliveries from different mail services. So, you must check with the postal service before benefiting from this option.

Get a Package Receiving Locker  

Another way to reduce the risk of porch piracy is to deliver it to your package receiving locker. For example, Amazon offers customers an Amazon hub locker, allowing them to receive their orders safely. However, you must collect the order within three days before it gets returned and refunded. 

Similarly, you can also sign-up for a locker with other major delivery service providers. You can get a locker for monthly rent and ensure your packages arrive safely. But make sure that the locker is close to your home; otherwise, it will become more of a hassle than a solution.

Check the Box for Signature Requirement

When you place your order with the retailer, make sure to check the signature required option. That way, the delivery man will only drop your package once you receive and sign it. Though this option provides a greater level of safety against porch piracy, it may not be feasible for individuals who are often outside running errands or have a busy work schedule. So, if you use the service and you’re not home, it can lead to a continuous goose-chase as you miss the delivery or the package goes back to the seller.

Upgrade to a Lockbox

If you have a mailbox that opens easily, then you need to upgrade to a lockbox. As the name suggests, the lockbox can be locked, protecting your packages from porch pirates. However, when you upgrade to a lockbox, ensure the box is USPS approved so that you don’t have to experience any problems in the future.

Ask Neighbors to Receive Your Package

You can also ask your neighbors for a favor and receive your package when you’re not home. However, this option may only be beneficial if the neighbor is supportive and ready to take responsibility. Even then, it’s not 100 percent reliable because sometimes your package may arrive, but the neighbor who may have agreed to collect may not be at home or available.

Install Security Cameras and Motion Sensors

Do you want a long-term and convenient solution for deterring porch pirates? Consider installing security cameras and motion sensors around your residential landscape. Alarm Relay offers a wide variety of security systems and motion sensors which can be installed near the windows and doorways. These devices work as an extra pair of eyes watching your doorstep and other areas of your home where you can’t see.  

The security cameras can record all the activities around your home and capture crisp and HD images you can view in real-time on your device. If you suspect something unusual, you can act promptly to safeguard your home from intruders and packages from porch pirates.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring Service

Nonetheless, the most effective and possibly best solution for deterring porch pirates is to opt for a 24×7 home monitoring service. When you have a security specialist monitoring your property round the clock, you don’t have to worry about package thefts or intruders, for that matter. They will keep an eye on your property when you are at work, while you’re asleep, or when you’re out of town.

With a security monitoring service from a trusted provider like Alarm Relay, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your online deliveries are safe. So, no matter what and when you order, and at what time they are delivered, your packages will never get stolen or go missing.  

Alarm Relay has provided homeowners superior and reliable security solutions and products for over 50 years. They are a name you can trust and count on for all your security needs. Along with 24×7 monitoring services, their emergency response time is lightning-fast, and prices are unbeatable. So, if you’re currently using services from ADT or any other security service provider, you can still switch to Alarm Relay. You don’t need to buy all equipment from scratch and incur a big investment cost. 

To learn more about the transition process, contact Alarm Relay at (800)762-8864. The company has helped numerous homeowners keep their property safe from burglars and porch pirates, and they can help you too. Schedule a consultation today. 

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