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5 Locks that Will Help Increase Your Home’s Security

Sometimes burglarizing a house is as easy as using the front door. Using sub-par locks on your doors can make your home a target for intruders. Find out how to keep burglars out and increase your home’s security by installing a sturdy lock—and sometimes a smart lock—that will make your front door as strong and protective as possible.

Two-thirds of all burglaries are committed by forced entry, while studies show that burglars may avoid houses that have good locks or other security devices. The first step to take in securing your home is with a strong lock on your front door. Then do the same for all other doors leading into your house.

Of course, your locks are only as strong as the people using them. Keep your doors locked even when you’re home, and follow these nine tips on things you should never do when answering your front door.

A benefit of the times is that many locks on the market use smart phone technology to give access to your house, meaning you won’t have to fumble for your keys to get in. These locks can make life easier, while still providing a strong and secure line of defense.

What lock should you choose? Read on for information on five locks that could increase your home’s security.

  1. Schlage B60 Grade 1 Deadbolt

You don’t have to be a professional locksmith to install this residential deadbolt. Its three-piece assembly cuts installation time in half, and has a hands-free installation feature (one side of the deadbolt snaps into the door so you can use your screwdriver without holding the lock mechanism in place).

The deadbolt offers enhanced security, including an anti-pick shield. An increased latch/bolt size means resistance to kick-ins is top notch. The lock is designed to be easier to grip, with a larger thumb-turn. This deadbolt also meets BHMA Grade 1 product performance standards.

Where to buy: Gokeyless.com, $28

5 Locks that Will Help Increase Your Home’s Security

  1. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Installation of this smart lock takes minutes, and only requires a screwdriver. It is a single cylinder deadbolt offering security and ease of use. Your smart phone is the key, and only needs to be nearby and the lock can be opened with the touch of a finger. You can also send electronic keys to family, friends, the dog walker, or handyman.

You’ll receive notifications of lock use, and can manage eKeys through an app. Don’t want to use your smart phone? You can also get in using a fob, or a traditional key.

Where to buy: Amazon, $193

5 Locks that Will Help Increase Your Home’s Security

  1. August Smart Lock

This lock works with single cylinder deadbolts and is easy to install. The exterior hardware remains the same, and the interior deadbolt is swapped out. Installation takes less than 10 minutes.

This lock gives you access to your home using a smart phone. You can control who is able to access your home without a key using custom entry codes, and for how long. Powered by batteries, this lock is always on, even if power, Internet or cable is down.

Where to buy: Amazon, $198

5 Locks that Will Help Increase Your Home’s Security

  1. iTouchless Fingerprint Deadbolt

This lock recognizes fingerprints to allow access to your home, making it easy for children or other family members to get in without having to keep track of a key. Store up to 150 fingerprints and 78 passcodes for users.

A sliding front cover protects the sensor and also activates the fingerprint scanner when lifted. You can also get into the home with a passcode or backup key. Works for right handle door entry. It runs on batteries, and has a low battery power warning alert.

Where to buy: Amazon, $310

5 Locks that Will Help Increase Your Home’s Security

  1. Lockitron Bolt

This lock opens your door with a smart phone, and operates using low energy Bluetooth technology, which allows it to keep working even if there is a power or Internet outage. Share access with friends or family, and get notifications when a phone or backup key is used to unlock the door.

Where to buy: Lockitron.com, $99

5 Locks that Will Help Increase Your Home’s Security

Want to find out more about how to make your home safe? Read these security mistakes that make your home an easy target. And, if you’re planning on going further than just changing the locks on your door, read up on how to buy a home security system.

The most important thing is that you take action to increase your home’s security. Doing so will give you peace of mind that your loved ones and belongings are safe and sound.

Photo Credit to: Håkan Dahlström, Nov. 23, 2015 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

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