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What a Dog Can and Can’t Do to Keep Your Family Safe from Burglars

Do dogs really deter burglars? Get the lowdown on how effectively dogs can actually protect your home and family.

Dogs are wonderful and reliable companions. But is your home safer with a dog? They can be, but the ways having a dog keeps your family safe may surprise you. The following facts will give you an idea of the general effectiveness of canine security.

Having a dog is a greater deterrent than not having one.

When given the choice of breaking into a home with a dog and one that’s pet-free, most burglars will choose the latter. So at face value, it does help to have a dog. But let’s take a deeper look. Of course, it’s not a good idea to own a dog for the sole purpose of protection.

Dogs are responsive and dedicated.

With heighted hearing and a strong sense of smell, dogs can react to potential threats much faster than humans. And once they decide to pursue a suspicious noise, they tend to stay on alert until the situation is resolved. Dogs are very loyal and many see it as their “job” to protect you 

Bigger dogs aren’t always better.

Many of the stereotypical “guard dog” breeds aren’t big barkers. So, actually, some of the smaller, yappier breeds can be more off putting to burglars. However, if a burglar can see into your home, seeing a growling, angry pitbull will be plenty nerve-wracking.

Dogs must be trained to protect your home.

Determined burglars will try to enter your home despite the presence of a dog. Some may even be skilled at calming dogs. The truth is, you can’t rely on dogs to truly keep your home safe unless they are trained to do so. Even intimidating breeds, such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers, may cower or run away when an intruder breaks in.

Bottom line: dogs aren’t enough.

There certainly are many ways dogs can help protect your home and family. But ultimately, can a dog keep your family safe? Not by itself. They can be an important part of your complete home protection strategy, but you should also have other means of security that don’t put your beloved four-legged family member at risk.



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