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Do You Really Need Alarm Monitoring?

Q: I already have a security alarm system. So why do I need an *alarm monitoring service?

A: Security alarm systems help keep your family, your home, or your business safe. When the alarm sounds, you know in a heartbeat that there could be an intruder…and that help will soon be on the way.

Alarm Monitoring also pays for itself with insurance savings; and it could save your life.

But . . . 

What Happens If You’re Not Home to Hear the Alarm?

What happens if an intruder tries to break in when you’re not home to hear the alarm? Who’s going to call the police? Who’s going to let you know about the break-in? And finally…what’s going to stop the intruder from proceeding with the break-in?

“But That’s What my Neighbors are for….Right?”

Neighbors are great, but what happens if your alarm goes off in the middle of the day when your neighbors are at work, or in the middle of the night while they sleep? Do your neighbors know your number to alert you of the break-in? What if they assume it’s a false alarm?

Don’t place the burden of your home’s safety on your neighbors — they shouldn’t need to feel responsible if something does happen. By contrast, Alarm Relay monitoring is there for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week — we’ll always be there for you.

Security Benefits for Your Home

If your alarm is tripped at your home, you’ll be the first to know. We’ll call you to notify you of the break-in and make sure you’re safe; we’ll also call your local authorities to get them on the scene as soon as possible if necessary. Want us to notify other household members? No problem: we accept multiple contact numbers.

As an added benefit to residential clients, Alarm Relay also provides fire monitoring. If there’s a fire in your home, our monitoring staff will be the first to know. We’ll notify you and your local fire station immediately.

Security Benefits for Your Business

If your business is like most, then it’s a ghost town after the 5:00 pm: if someone broke in, who would hear the alarm?

Hiring a part-time security staff is time-consuming and costly; instead, you can trust your full time security staff at UL listed Alarm Relay. Also Alarm Relay’s Monitored Openings/Closings service tallies when your alarm is activated and deactivated in order to keep track of who’s coming and going.

Not Just for Landlines Anymore

Having a home phone line used to be the only way for a monitoring service to connect and communicate with alarm systems. Fortunately, Alarm Relay services are completely modernized for the contemporary family: monitoring services are now available through GSM cell service and internet protocol (IP). Having a home landline is no longer a requirement.

Peace of Mind for the Whole Family

Another great service is our Managed Network Services (MNS).  Our notification service will automatically email you when someone deactivates your alarm.  You can also go online to view your alarm activity, a great way to know if your teenage daughter arrived home safely.

Our goal is to watch out for your family or your business. When something happens, you’ll know instantly.

It’s simple: We increase your safety. Every hour. Every day.

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