Internet Monitoring: The Fastest Connection For Immediate Response When You Need it Most

Every second counts in an emergency. Get help faster and keep your home safe – even when you’re on-the-go.

With Internet Monitoring, you can access your alarm system, lights, locks, and thermostats from your smartphone. Starting at $13.95/month

The Fastest Possible Response

High-speed internet monitoring is fast AND reliable. In fact, it’s the fastest of all 3 monitoring service options.

Since we fully manage and control all security services in-house, we can respond faster than most security companies who outsource their monitoring to 3rd parties providers.

Fully Control Your Entire Home from Your Smartphone

Contact police, firefighters, and ambulance without wasting time on a phone call.

Forgot to lock up before you left? Lock your doors and garage door right from your phone.

Check your cameras to see who’s at your front door with LIVE video streaming.

Control your lights, locks, thermostats, and other smart home devices.

Arm or disarm your security system straight from your phone.

High-speed internet means help reaches you as soon as possible.

Our most affordable high-speed option, starting at $13.95/month.

How Does Internet Monitoring Work?

Alarm Relay Internet monitoring process

With Internet Monitoring, your security system connects to an internet router – making sure everything is okay by sending check-in signals to our In-house Professional Monitoring Station every few seconds.

When the security system at your location is triggered, it uses your high-speed internet connection to immediately transmit signals Professional Monitoring Station.

Our highly-trained dispatch experts will call you within seconds – checking to see if you need help or if it’s a false alarm.

If it’s a false alarm, we’ll simply deactivate your emergency dispatch. If you need help, we’ll instantly contact emergency services to send you help as fast as possible – remaining on the phone with you until help arrives.

To make sure you’re always protected in the event of a power or internet outage, we recommend using cellular monitoring as a backup. Having more than one monitoring method is the best way to ensure your home stays protected during outages.

Starting at $13.95/month, No Long-Term Contracts

Affordable pricing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Alarm Relay is a family-owned business and uses the latest technology while cutting out all the middlemen. This helps us provide you better service at a lower price.

Unlike larger corporations that force you into rigid packages, Alarm Relay gives you more flexible options that fit your current setup. No long-term contracts required.


Good Protection​

Landline Monitoring


24/7 Security Monitoring


Better Protection

Internet Monitoring


24/7 Security Monitoring


Best Protection​

Cellular Monitoring


24/7 Security Monitoring

Not Sure Which Monitoring Service Is Right For You?

Frequently Asked Questions About Landline Monitoring

Cellular monitoring uses cellular technology (just like your smartphone uses) to connect your security system to our U.L. Certified Professional Monitoring Station. It’s the most secure and reliable option since you don’t have to worry about internet outages. Simply put, it’s harder for burglars to hack.

Since Internet monitoring uses high-speed internet to connect your security system to our Monitoring Station, it’s the fastest connection among the three. In the event of an internet outage, you’ll want cellular monitoring as a backup.

Landline monitoring uses a plain old telephone system (POTS system) or landline to connect your security system to our Monitoring Station. It’s the most minimal security monitoring coverage available. You cannot connect your landline to a smart home system, and it is easy for burglars to cut your line. If you choose a landline monitoring system, we recommend a backup monitoring method such as cellular or internet monitoring.

The most common and recommended pairing is internet monitoring and cellular monitoring to make sure you’re always protected. We recommend internet as your primary method and cellular as your backup communication. This way, if your WIFI connection or Internet Service Provider has any downtime or outages – or if there’s a utility power outage – you’ll still have security monitoring with cellular technology as a backup. When combined, these two monitoring methods keep you covered 24/7 Internet and cellular monitoring are both more secure than landline monitoring. Since cellular is wireless, burglars can’t cut any wires to disconnect your communication outside the premise. An experienced burglar can disconnect your internet service or landline system, but you’ll always have cellular as the backup. Plus, combining both internet and cellular monitoring still costs less than a traditional landline service since you won’t need to pay the phone company for that service any longer.
Yes, Alarm Relay supports most security systems. We’ll integrate our 24/7 monitoring services with your existing home security system. If you already have Cellular or Landline monitoring, then we recommend adding Internet monitoring as as backup so you have no downtime in the event of a cellular outage, or if someone cuts your landline.
No, you don’t need to have a landline in order to have an alarm system. If you already have one and want to continue using it, you can. We’ll work with your current system. We recommend having internet or cellular monitoring or a combination of both so you have one as your primary and the other as a second line of defense.
With both cellular and internet monitoring, you can connect to most smart home cameras and monitor your cameras from your smartphone. If you see something suspicious on your home security cameras, you can even use our Rescu App to dispatch an ambulance, police, or firefighters to your home with the touch of a button.

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