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Amazon Package Stolen

Amazon Package Stolen- Recovery, Refund, and Prevention Guide

If you love online shopping, you might have shopped at Amazon too. Amazon is the biggest e-retailer of goods and services. The e-commerce giant delivered approximately 4.75 billion parcels across the US in 2021, a 13% increase from 2020. Over the years, Amazon’s logistics arm has grown tremendously from relying on other carriers to shipping nearly 22 percent of all parcels in the US -more than FedEx’s market share (19%). 

Simply put, Amazon provides customers with multiple channels to get their orders shipped and delivered. But porch piracy is more common than you think when it comes to online shopping. Porch piracy is when your package is stolen from your main entrance/porch. But don’t worry; we have you covered. In today’s post, we’ll provide you a step-by-step guide for recovery and ways to prevent theft.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Amazon Package Stolen - Best Steps for
Finding Your Delivered But Missing Parcel

As the volume of daily package delivery soars, it’s no surprise why porch piracy is rising. Statistics show that:

  • With all the delivery traffic, more than 43% of people have been victims of porch pirates
  • 2/3 of the customers have been victims of stolen packages more than once.

Therefore, knowing what steps you can take regarding your Amazon package stolen from the doorstep and how to retrieve it makes sense.

Scenario 1 - Missing Amazon Parcel 

If you signed up to receive package updates when you first created your account with Amazon, then now is the best time to use the service. 

Step 1– Check your text messages or email inbox to view parcel updates. The service helps you track your parcel and notifies you once delivered.

Step 2– Ensure you provide the correct shipping address for order delivery. Sometimes, a little error in your address details can result in shipping issues, and your order may get delivered to someone else instead.

Step 3– Check the mailbox 

Step 4– Check in with the neighbors. Maybe they might have received the package for you to prevent porch pirates from stealing your parcel.

Step 5– Contact Amazon if you still can’t track down your delivered parcel. Notify them directly after 48 hours. Once notified, Amazon’s representative will start an investigation for your parcel.

Scenario 2 - Amazon Package
Fulfilled by a Third-Party is Missing

If you ordered from Amazon Seller and the parcel goes missing, then here’s what you should do:

Step 1– Contact the Seller directly. Report them about the missing/stolen parcel so that they can track it down. Here’s how:

  • Log in the Amazon’s pay site for the Amazon account
  • Next, click on the option ‘Contact Seller.’
  • Submit your request to the Amazon seller directly.

Step 2– In most cases, the seller will replace the item. If the third party fails to cooperate with you or doesn’t respond to your request in 48 hours, take the next best step- file a claim with Amazon.

To file the claim Amazon package stolen claim, simply:

  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Click ‘your orders.’
  • Select the option ‘problem with the order’ and select the issue from the options provided
  • Click on the request refund tab and submit.
  • Check your Amazon account periodically to track the progress of your refund claim.
Step 3– Amazon will refund you as per their ‘A to Z Guarantee.’ Under this guarantee, customer order purchases fulfilled by 3rd party Amazon sellers are protected up to 2500 US dollars on eligible items. Hence, if you, the customer, don’t receive your order, you will get a refund by filing an Amazon Package Stolen Claim. 
Please note that you can also file the same claim if the order is damaged or the product quality is inferior. 

Things You Need to Know About the Stolen Amazon Package Investigation

Amazon is a customer-centric e-commerce business that takes full responsibility for ensuring that the packages of the buyers reach their desired address on time and in good condition. However, if there is a delay, or the package is stolen or goes missing, they’d go above and beyond to investigate the case and ensure the buyer’s complete satisfaction.

Moreover, they also replace the merchandise lost up to $2,500. All that you, the buyer, have to do is report your loss. You can file a claim after 48 hours or within 90 days of your scheduled parcel delivery date.

However, what’s crucial to note is that there are some circumstances where Amazon may deny your claim for the recovery of the stolen parcel. These include situations where:

  1. You file a chargeback with the payment processor or the bank
  2. You fail to respond to Amazon or the third-party seller to the request to provide them with further information needed for an in-depth case investigation.

Therefore, you should cooperate with Amazon or the Amazon seller once the investigation begins for the Amazon package stolen from your porch. Your cooperation and assistance can help them navigate through the process fast and recover lost items or refund you money for the cost incurred.

Amazon Package Stolen

Best Security Measures to Prevent Your Amazon Package From Getting Stolen
By Porch Pirates

Here are some of the best ways to prevent the risk of Amazon packages from getting into the wrong hands:

Install Security Cameras

Smart security cameras are excellent for keeping porch pirates at bay. It helps record activities around your porch, especially when you are away or asleep. You can record and playback the activity. This feature is quite helpful in situations your delivery gets swiped. At Alarm Relay, you can find top-quality security cameras with smart features. Browse the product range to view your option and find a camera that best suits your needs and budget.

Take Advantage of the Amazon Locker Service

Another great way to keep your package safe is to get it delivered or an Amazon locker. So, instead of getting your package delivered to your porch or office, you can request the seller to deliver it to your Amazon locker location.

  • To get the locker with Amazon, select the locker location option when you are ready to check out from their website.
  • Next, once your purchase order arrives at the Amazon locker, you will get a notification email with instructions on retrieving the package. It will also include the address with the locker opening timings.

Though this is a great way to eliminate the risk of stolen packages, it may only suit some. Here’s why:

  • You will have to commute to the Amazon locker location. It can be a hassle and cause inconvenience if you don’t have a ride or work around a busy schedule.
  • You will have to collect the package within three calendar days. If the order isn’t received in three days, they will return the package and give a refund.

Furthermore, the locker service may not be available to you if you order items of more than ten pounds or if the parcel has dimensions bigger than 16x12x14 inches.

Ask Your Neighbors to Keep an Eye

If you will be away from home and are expecting a parcel from Amazon, request your neighbor to keep an eye on your porch and collect the order upon arrival. Most neighbors are kind enough and will be happy to receive your package. But what if your neighbor is out of town or unavailable when the order arrives? For such situations, opt for a solution you can always count on, such as an Alarm Relay monitoring service.

Hire a 24x7 Monitoring Service

Benefit from Alarm Relay’s round-the-clock monitoring service. It’s one of the best and most reliable ways to deter parcel thieves. With Alarm Relay, you get a real security dispatcher who monitors your premises around the clock. It is a great way to keep your property safe and secure at all times. Furthermore, you can expect a lightning-fast response in an emergency like a break-in or a burglary attempt.

Other benefits of Alarm Relay are that they offer:

  • UL-certified security systems
  • A trusted and highly-trained team for property protection
  • You speak to real security experts, not automated machines
  • 5-star monitoring service at unbeatable prices with no long-term contract

Alarm Relay has been a preferred security service partner providing quality and dependable security solutions for more than four decades. Even if you have been using any other service like ADT and aren’t satisfied with them, switch. ADT customers don’t have to replace all their existing equipment to upgrade to Alarm Relay.

Contact the customer services team at Alarm Relay to explore your options and get started!

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