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3G Shutdown: What It Means for Your 3G Home Security System

Alarm companies are revving up to move to LTE and the newest 5G services and are ready to shut down the old ones. This process has been in the works for years for the alarm industry, but now the transition has taken place, meaning we all can say goodbye to the good old 3G network.

Millions of users depend on 3G-connected devices; when the 3G service is shut off, their 3G devices will have no connection to transmit signals. Many home security companies, like Watchlight, Alarm Relay, Brinks and ADT, are gearing up for the transition.


The 3G Shutdown Explained

The 3G cellular shutdown refers to the end of the 3G networks by all cellular mobile service providers. This shutdown has been in process for years as they first moved from 3G/4G to LTE and the new 5G. Devices that are now old in the IoT (Internet of Things), like GPS, smartphones, and security systems that run on 3G, need to be upgraded before the 3G is shut down and the devices no longer function.

How 3G Shutdowns Affect ‎3G Home Security System‎s

Most alarm systems use wireless networks to communicate, and 3G has been one of the main networks most systems use. Having a 3G home security system means your system will eventually shut down if it isn’t upgraded. This means your home alarm system would no longer be able to send signals to the primary monitoring system through the wireless cellular network, which is a serious concern for anyone with a 3G security system.

Even if the security system has multi-path communication, losing the wireless connection can become a problem. The alarm system could still communicate through a landline, but many people don’t have a landline anymore and use cell phones. But having a new device or upgraded, like smartphones with the latest apps, is also recommended. The system might also still communicate through different Internet options, but it would be vulnerable without a proper wireless cellular network. 

If the power goes out or the landline is down, your security system won’t have any communicator as a backup and would fail to send signals to the main monitoring center. This is crucial when the monitoring center needs to communicate with the fire department. 

If your home security systems are based on 3G, it is time to start the transition today. For many consumers, the security companies are overlooking the transition and upgrading the cellular communicators and other devices and in some cases alarm systems.

The 3G shutdown for alarm systems has led security companies to convert their older systems to LTE/5G networks. The 3G shutdown has already begun just as other companies like ourselves, and the users are now getting their cellular communicators or security systems upgraded. 

All third generation cellular communicator upgrades can be down on the old alarm system. However, for others, like ADT 3G shutdown cellular is a mandatory update which means investing in a completely new alarm panel. You may upgrade your 3G sunset cellular communicator by calling Alarm Relay at 1 (800) 624-6866.


If You Own a Security System with a 3G/4G, You Need ‎an Upgrade to LTE / 5G

The security systems include global communication chips, like smartphones. This allows the security system to connect with the main cellular communicator and smart home automation, alarm panel, and send notifications. However, all of these features will stop working if you don’t make your third generation cellular modules upgrade to LTE or 5G network.
Without the 3G conversion, the locally based features might still work, but the security system won’t be monitored by the monitoring center.


What Can I Do for a Cellular Communicator Upgrade?

If you have a 3G Sunset burglar alarm monitoring system, switching the cellular communicator and replacing it with a new network is integral. Most of the security systems that have been installed before 2022 are based on a 3G network.  

Security companies and providers, like Alarm Relay, are reaching out proactively to their customers to make sure there are no issues with their systems and to initiate the Alarm Relay conversion. However, if you don’t hear from the company or want to start the transition immediately, you can call Alarm Relay (1 800-624-6866):

  • Is my security system based on 3G? How will the 3G Sunset shutdown impact my system?
  • What is the timeline created by your company to conduct customer updates?
  • How can I update my 3G security system, or do I have to wait for the company’s conversion?
  • Will your security company charge me for converting my 3G security system to a LTE or 5G security system?
  • Will my current 3G security system be updated to LTE or 5G, or do I need to buy new equipment?
  • How can I schedule an appointment for a 3G security system upgrade?

Whether you have an ADT security system or from another provider, it is about time to call us for an upgrade for your 3G Sunset cellular communicator or your security system.

If you are looking for a better security option, Alarm Relay offers a range of security system solutions based on LTE and 5G networks at a much more affordable rate. Moreover, the company doesn’t lock you in a lengthy contract like ADT and ensures you have the best security solutions for your homes and offices. 

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