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Uplink 4550


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The Uplink 4550 is a cellular alarm communicator that is designed to work with most alarm panels that has a digital telephone dialer. It features a dialer capture interface to its panel. As a communicator device, it transmits alarm information to the central station in Contact ID, SIA, Pulse 4/2 or Modem IIe/IIIa/IIIa2 formats.

The 4550 is perfect for residential and commercial applications to protect against fire and burglary as it uses the latest technology in cellular evolution in terms of programming sending information to the central station.

The 4550 communicator can be used as the primary communication path or as a backup as a digital dialer.

Key features:

  • Full data reporting to the central station
  • Telephone line supervision
  • Zone inputs; sends programmed events to the central station
  • Power source monitoring (battery or AC)
  • Sends scheduled automated test signal to the central station
  • 5 LEDs for status/received signal strength
  • Supervises local wireless network
  • Services accessible on the web; real-time action, history of events; programming inputs, etc.

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