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Uplink 4530EX


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The Uplink 4530EX is a GSM alarm communicator that performs as a primary communicator for featuring full event reporting or summary reporting. It offers a smart siren/bell sampling to detect burglary or fire conditions, and can be used with almost any compatible alarm panel.

This cellular device sends information to central stations over the Internet to an IP receiver, or to any industry standard receiver using dial up. The good thing about the Uplink 4530EX is that it works virtually with any central station, making sending alarms convenient for both residential and commercial applications.

Some features make this communicator gets an advantage are due to Uplinks unmatched features: live technical and activation support; mobile activation using Uplink installer, programmable periodic test intervals.

Key features:

  • Supports all security systems with multiple formats
  • Smartphone and web apps for remote arming and disarming
  • Uses power from panel, power supply 12V DC, or batter
  • Quick install with end-to-end signal verification
  • Uses app to activate
  • Uplink remote for interactive control
  • 5 LEDs for power, signal, trouble, and other diagnostics

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