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Uplink 4530


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Powering up using 12V DC, the Uplink 4530 is a cellular communicator with a battery backup in case power source fails. Uplink 4530 is an alarm communicator that performs using cellular connectivity, able to access websites for support and additional capabilities. This device works with almost any compatible alarm panels, making it easier to own and complete a security alarm system in homes or commercial applications.

Using GSM network, all information sent by the alarm panel (account number, zone information, user IDs, etc.) will be sent to the central station. Through the Uplink’s website or customer, panel to 4530 cable monitoring can be activated to ensure constant transfer of information to the designated station.

The 4530 relay single output can be programmed to activate occurrence of trouble conditions (network loss, no central station acknowledgment, low DC input, 4530/panel cable supervision, etc.)

Key features:

  • Full data reporting
  • 12V DC power from power supply, battery or alarm panel
  • Panel to 4530 cable supervision; activated through website
  • One programmable relay output to activate trouble conditions
  • Power source monitoring when DC input voltage drops below 10.2V DC
  • Automated schedules testing to the central station
  • GSM network failure reporting
  • 5 LEDs for signal, power status and other diagnostic
  • Easy installation via website

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