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The SIMON XT-410-US-VZ is a smart alarm module that is VoIP compatible, two-way voice feature over CDMA. It is a secure wireless signalling with real-time notification and web-based monitoring and control capabilities. Uses CDMA network to enable secure alarm reporting to any central station vis Contact ID or SIA, even if there is no available landline.
The Image Sensor combines a wireless passive infrared (PIR) sensor, still camera, wireless communication, and interactive services from Alarm.con for enhanced security through visual verification of alarms. PIRs are used in security alarms and auto lighting applications.

Key features:

  • VoIP compatible
  • Secure wireless signalling via Verizon CDMA
  • Two-way voice over CDMA
  •’s home automation and energy management
  • Easy remote programming
  • No separate power supply required
  • Remote monitoring and control through mobile or web

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