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The SEM ADC-SEM110-VT-VZ is a 4G LTE wireless communicator using cellular network ensuring longest and most secured service. The SEM (System Enhancement Module) of is the most comprehensive solution in migrating compatible DSC PowerSeriesdevices.

This dual-path SEM device has optional broadband ethernet. If its cellular (LTE), it is wireless but with optional hardwired to ride on both features. This means that reporting events is never that difficult having the dual path to utilize.

System functions are user friendly, easy to navigate, control, or configure. With LEDs to display signal strength and communication status between the control panel, the module, and between the module and the LTE network.

Key features:

  • 4G LTE wireless using cellular network
  • access to secure wireless alarming
  • Remote monitoring via mobile or web
  • Wide coverage
  • Z-wave devices home automation and energy management
  • Fast, secure, and dependable signalling
  • Power backup not required

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