SecureCom (DMP) 263LTE-V


The DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) 263LTE-V is SECURECOM’s digital cellular communicator that works with standard XT30 and XT50 security control panels. This communication device uses LTE network designed with Cat-M1 technology.

Transitioning to LTE technology is a milestone in itself given the fact that such network is intended for long term use, equipping our security systems to run a long mile amidst the rapid evolution of modern technology. With such trend, you can be ensured that your home or business won’t be affected by too much downtimes and outages brought about by traditional communication protocols, which are highly susceptible to failure.

Key features:

  • Works on LTE network
  • Installs on the panel
  • Powered by the panel requiring no additional enclosure, battery, or power supply
  • Compatible with: XT30/XT50 Series panels with 183 version or higher
  • Compatible with XR150/XR550 Series panels with 183 version or higher

Manual: Download


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