Qolsys QS9202-5208-840


The Qolsys IQ PANEL 2 PLUS has a 7” HD Touchscreen and include a builtin 5MP camera. What sets this security and smart home controller apart is that it supports DUAL SFR with PowerG. This is a leading wireless sensor protocol.

The range is up to 4 times greater than traditional wireless systems and has military-grade 2-way encryption. Battery life is improved thanks to the automatic signal reduction feature. It delivers a reliable connection and the interference circumvention prevents other wireless protocols from blocking your signal.

It is backward compatible with the Qolsys S-Line, Interlogix 319.5 MHz wireless frequency. This allows you to use older or existing sensors without spending more on a translator.

Key features:

  • 7” HD Touchscreen
  • builtin 5MP camera
  • 4x the range of traditional
  • DUAL SFR with PowerG
  • Automatic signal reduction saves battery life
  • Backward compatibility
  • Live view
  • Live answer
  • Bluetooth Touchless Disarming
  • LTE & Wi-Fi Dual-Path Connectivity

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