Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Security Camera (NC4100US)


The Nest Cam IQ is an intelligent camera device and your first-line of defense against burglary and any undesirable intrusion that invades your home’s privacy. Keep in the know what’s happening in your premise with this sleek and HD video home surveillance unit through its intelligent imaging by enjoying digital zoom 12 times of the original subject’s size and 360 degrees rotation on hinge to view all corners of your home.

Nest Cam IQ is an outdoor security camera designed to resist the weather conditions, as it dust and water resistant with an IP66 rating, letting you control and view a stranger up to 15 feet of distance. Allows you to keep on watch 24 hours a day with its sleek and hide design for its power cord; you’ll never know it’s there. The powerful infrared feature gives you clear night vision.

Key features:

  • Sleek design, no visible wires
  • Full HD video output
  • With a built-in mic and speaker
  • Noise and echo cancellation
  • Bluetooth and wifi capability
  • Infrared for night mode vision
  • Weather and water resistant with IPP66 rating
  • Flexible hinge for 360-degree rotational view; 130-degree diagonal view

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