Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera (NC3100US)


The Nest Cam IQ is an intelligent camera device, especially designed for indoors that serve as your first-line of defense against burglary and any undesirable intrusion that invades your home’s privacy. Monitor dubious sound and movements and check your home with HD video output and infrared capability that produces clear images in the dark.
Transmit videos straight to your smartphone or computer with its wi-fi connection and enjoy live video all day and night with its AC power support without having to charge batteries.

The camera has a built-in mic and speaker for clear sound through its noise cancellation feature. The camera has also quick connect capability to your Internet for convenient surveillance within your home. Lets you capture videos in 1080 pixels

Even with indoors, Nest Cam IQ allows you to keep on watch 24 hours a day with its sleek and hide design for its power cord; simple yet modern.

Key features:

  • Sleek design, no visible wires
  • Full HD video output
  • Wide-angle 130-degree view
  • With a built-in mic and speaker
  • Noise and echo cancellation
  • Wifi
  • Infrared for night mode vision
  • AC powered

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