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Honeywell LYNX Touch (L5210)


The L5210 is a full-touch wireless security system for home and business use. It is a security control panel device with all-in-one feature, full-color touchscreen with user-friendly graphic icons for easy inputs of command.

The panel is equipped with high-end features that speak of advanced technology in alarm system that features live video on demand, controls of garage door, environment hazard alerts, and software upgrades which can be remotely controlled.

The L5210 WiFi wireless security system includes the following: control panel; alarm battery; alarm transformer.

Users have the option to control the system locally or remotely. Having the option to control your security at home or business is a great privilege that anybody can benefit from. From wherever you are, you can arm or disarm, sense, and receive alerts on your smartphone, computer or table about your lighting, locks, thermostats, water valves, home and business elements that are integral to a building’s security.

Key features:

  • Full color graphic touchscreen
  • Two-way voice for messaging via Internet
  • User-friendly navigation on screen
  • Two dedicated keys for emergency and home screen function
  • 10 chime tones
  • Up to 128 event logs
  • Real-time clock display
  • Three panic functions
  • One hardwired zone
  • Multiple wireless zones
  • Two-way voice
  • AC powered
  • With rechargeable batteries for backup

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