Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus Wireless Alarm Control Panel


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The L3000 is advanced wireless alarm control panel, operating various wireless sensors for protection against burglary, smoke detection, and similar purposes. Wireless keypad is optional to control the system away from the keypad.

This controlling unit offers various forms of protection based on the configuration input to the system. With advanced technology, the panel can be controlled remotely through a phone. It is designed to employ microcomputer technology in monitoring and reporting all protection zones through a status display. It can be programmed to send alarm automatically through a phone to the central alarm monitoring station.

The L3000 is an advance device as it is capable of a two-way communication with the central station.

Key features:

  • Stay and away arming modes
  • 3 designated keys for manual activation: fire, personal emergency, or silent alarm
  • Paging feature sends alerts to certain system conditions through displayed code numbers
  • With built-in speaker for voice announcement
  • With real-time clock
  • Device activation through designated keys
  • Scheduling feature for automatic activation or deactivation of certain devices

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