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Honeywell LYRIC Lyric LTE-V


‘V’ stands for Verizon; Honeywell LYRIC LyricLTE-V is a cellular communicator running on 4G LTE frequency. It is designed to work with Honeywell Resideo Lyric Alarm system. This communication module provides fast and efficient data transfer and allow access to Total Connect version 2.0.

Using Verizon LTE network, users can be ensured of highly secured network and data encryption upon transmittal of messages and signals. With 24/7 monitoring capability, the Honeywell LyricLTE-V it offers an excellent and continuous connectivity with AlarmNet servers, even if internet connectivity fails.

For maximum support, this module can work on the LTE network and does not affect performance or unnoticeable when Wi-Fi is down.

Key features:

  • System panel includes a built-in WIFI card
  • Fast, reliable, and secured data transmission
  • Dual path connectivity and access to Total Connect 2.0
  • User-friendly; quick and easy installation procedure
  • Panel requires firmware update MR9 or higher

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