Honeywell Lynx Touch LTE L5210 Kit


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The Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 LTE kit is an all-in-one home and commercial alarm system with a widescreen full-color graphic touchscreen. Smart prompts installed for easy and quick operation. Features live video (on demand), Z-wave support, advanced alarm communication, and remote software upgrade.

With two-way voice capability and remote services using LTE. This system provides the flexibility to its dealers the need to service their customers, whether they depend on mobile networks or VoIP. Customers and homeowners can control and configure the system on their premises both by iOS and Android phones or devices.

Using Z-wave support, the module can be integrated with lighting, locks, thermostats, water valves, and other devices for complete security measures, either remotely or directly.


  • 1 Lynx Touch Panel
  • 1 LTE Cell Communicator
  • 3 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Desk Mount

Key features:

  • Integrated Z-Wave support through L5100-Z-Wave control module for 3 thermostats
  • Two-way voice
  • LTE technology via L5100-LTE communication module
  • LYNX Connect app supports up to 4 Android and iOS devices
  • Four door locks, jammed locks reported to Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services
  • 40 devices (lights, switches and lamp modules) 20 scenes 20 rules (event-based actions) 20 schedules (time-based actions)
  • Sunrise/sunset lighting control; Randomized lighting control


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