Honeywell L3000 Full Kit


The Honeywell L3000 alarm system offers full security from burglary, fire, and emergency, depending on the configuration set on your system. Using the master keypad for system operation, various sensors can be installed for protection against the stated emergency cases. The system can also be configured remotely.

Using microcomputer technology, the Honeywell L3000 monitors all protection zones, initiate appropriate alarms and display correct information on the panel. The system can be programmed to send automatic signals to the central alarm monitoring station or status message over phone lines over two-way communication.
Also includes features on fake alarms.


  • 1 L3000 Control Panel
  • 3 Window/door contacts
  • 1 Motion detector
  • 1 LTE Cell card

Key features:

  • Two-way voice
  • Supports installer codes, master user code and 6 additional user codes
  • Hands-free speaker phone
  • Remote interactive phone capability
  • False alarm prevention feature
  • 1 hardware zone, up to 24 wireless zones
  • Bell output 120mA max
  • With built-in sounder
  • Temporal pulse for fire and carbon
  • Steady output for burglary/panic


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