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DMP XTL-Touch Starter Kit


***Purchase of this item requires a subscription to Alarm Relay monitoring services***

The XTL-Touch starter can utilize Wi-Fi and cellular network, the latter being as backup. With advance direct reporting for faster response. The panel includes a wireless receive and supports 1100 series of wireless devices. The XTLtouch control panel includes a high-gain wireless receiver on board supporting the 1100 Series wireless devices. These 900 MHz frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum devices feature two-way communication for excellent and effective operation, supervision and battery life. Features 99 wireless zones for sufficient transmitter options. Motion detectors can be configured wirelessly.
With 8 keyfob zones and 8 wireless outputs that include arm/alarm LED, wireless sirens and relays. Perfect for homes and commercial settings.


  • 1 XTL Touch Screen Panel
  • 2 Door Window Transmitter
  • 1 Wireless Siren

Key features:

  • 5-inch, full-color display
  • 99 four-digit user codes with authority levels
  • 200-event memory
  • Supports 140 Z-Wave® devices
  • AC power and armed LED
  • 50 Sensor Activity Zones
  • EASYconnect™ connection for the Virtual Keypad app when used with a Wi-Fi connection
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi communication to monitoring
  • 900 MHz Two-Way Wireless, Z-Wave®, and Wi-Fi built on board


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