Concord 600-1053-4-ZX-LTE


The Concord 600-1053-4-ZX-LTE is a communication device that works with new cellular modules using LTE frequency.

With a wide cellular coverage, this communication device can reach up to 50 feet, to which the main control panel is the starting point. With full remote features, it can be conveniently controlled remotely and monitor remotely, giving you full access to the system anytime. Troubleshooting can also be done remotely, giving you less headaches and hassles to configure and fix troubles on the system.

Its two-way voice feature enables the end user to communicate interactively and directly to the central station in case of emergencies.

Key features:

  • Wide cellular coverage
  • Remote monitoring and control convenience by accessing system anywhere and anytime
  • Z-wave for controlling compatible devices
  • Use LED to display signal strength and light status
  • Communicator can be reach up to 90 feet range starting from the main control panel
  • Two-way voice

Installation Sheet: Download


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