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The CADD NX-592E-LTE-ZX is a wireless communicator that runs on CDMA cellular frequency (LTE or 3G HSPA). It transmits data signals to the central monitoring service for interactive services for residential settings. This wireless takes advantage of system’s power where additional power supply is an option. With 10 individual LEDs for signal strength and device status.

Cellular modules such as the CADD NX-592E-LTE-ZX is an efficient security device to work on panels using wireless capabilities that includes real-time notification of event, remote monitoring using the web, and Z-wave features using and connecting home devices.

Cellular modules enable the NetworX series of security panels to communicate signals wirelessly over either LTE or 3G HSPA cellular networks.
Wireless protocols work on different models, and this one works on the Verizon network. With traditional phone lines that are susceptible to damage and tampering by unscrupulous people, the CADD NX-592E-LTE-ZX, along with modern devices make use of advanced technology to secure the system as well.

Key features:

  • US cellular coverage of almost 100% of the US population
  • Remote monitoring and control anywhere and anytime for full convenience
  • Remote troubleshooting issues and configuration
  • LED lights for status and strength quality
  • Up tp 90 feet range starting from the main control panel
  • With Z-wave feature for integrating other home devices

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