Alula BAT LTE Tri-Path Communicator


Alula BAT LTE is a cellular and internet alarm communicator that uses 4G LTE technology. Can be programmed remotely using universal panel support (Honey, DSC, and GE/Caddx). This module functions with dual antennas that increase cellular range up to 50 percent, working with high efficiency compared to when it has one antenna only.
The BAT LTE communicator works best with its unique dual-path, recommended for securing home and business environments.

Key features:

  • Dual antenna for increased cellular range
  • Works with Contact ID signaling
  • Event notification includes text text/push, email, and computerized voice call
  • Remote panel programming that reduces truck rolls
  • Upload and download capability via Compass DSC DLS 5 programs
  • Can be controlled using smartphones or computer

Manual: Download


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