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1080P Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Security Camera (ADC-V722W)


The ADC V722W is the latest wireless outdoor night vision camera. Full HD capacity video cam with 1080p resolution great for professional surveillance purposes. Compatible with Wi-fi enabled devices such as computers and android phones to capture and record live videos using company approved apps.

Protect your property 24/7 and witness live feeds at the comfort your phone and PC. Lets you have peace of mind that your property and loved ones are safe and receive alerts instantly on any untoward event.

The ADC V722W surveillance home system is a high-end solution security cam device to keep families safe at all times. With its live streaming and smart capture saved in the cloud, you will never miss any event that you might want to go back to anytime, even if you are away from home. With its pivotal neck, you will have the convenience of tilting the capture in all angles so you can have vantage on all locations in your home, as seen on your video screen.

Key features:

  • 1080p full HD WiFi video camera
  • Low-light sensitivity
  • Infrared
  • Night vision at a maximum of 40 feet
  • 2.4 or 5 GHz network compatibility
  • Weatherproof

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