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2GIG Doorbell (DBELL1-345)


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2GIG Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of the DBELL1 Wireless Doorbell to its family of security and home automation products. This wireless doorbell sounds one of 11 selectable chimes when the pushbutton is pressed. The DBELL1 wireless doorbell has a range of up to 350 feet and can be powered using battery or low voltage wiring.

Wired Installation: when installed as a wired doorbell with the home’s existing 24 AC wiring, the bell is fully water-resistant and the push button remains illuminated.

Wireless Installation: when installed as a wireless doorbell, it features a fully water-resistant button. It communicates with the control panel using the 345 MHz frequency. The push button does not remain illuminated.

Key features:

  • White UV-resistant plastic
  • Simple wireless installation (can be hard-wired)
  • Surface mount
  • 350 ft. range (open air)
  • 11 selectable chimes
  • Doorbell can illuminate Z-Wave lights when engaged
  • Weatherproof seal included

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