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2GIG 345MHz Repeater (RPTR1-345)


This repeater will work with your 2GIG security system. It operates on a 2GIG system and provides Honeywell signals at 345MHz. It is user-friendly and plug and play. Give the repeater will repeat signals as soon as it is installed. It delivers flexibility and, when installed in the optimal position, it can offer will offer an extended range. It is suitable for larger applications.
It has a rechargeable battery so if there is an AC power loss you will still have protection. You have reliable 24-hour protection. This is a repeat indicator to avoid “repeated signal storm”.

Key features:

  • 24-hour battery backup
  • Effective on Honeywell and 2GIG
  • No fear of “signal storm” as the repeat indicator will prevent this

Manual: Download


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