2GIG 3 Starter Kit


The 2GIG 3 is complete home automation panel for your premises’ total security. Has 3 contacts, 1 keyfob, and 1 motion detector to operate the system. Can use or add 100 user codes and offers 100 wireless zones. Sends alarm signals over Verizon LTE or AT&T 3G networks with Alarm.com’s interactive feature to arm and disarm the system, activate no-entry delay, or check system status out of premises.

Additional features include “Rooms” and “Bookmark” that allow users to group smart home controls for a much simpler way of controlling the system. Connects up to more than 200 wireless Z-wave 500 series devices.


  • 2GIG 3-contact control Panel
  • 1 door/window sensor
  • 4-button keyfob
  • Motion detector E-series

Key features:

  • Up to 100 wireless zone and user codes
  • Wide-screen full touch screen display
  • Remote controlled panel settings
  • Compatible with Z-wave 500 series
  • Easy arming/exit


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