2GIG 3 Standard


The 2GIG 3 Standard is a home security kit that has all the features expected for modern-day alarm monitoring systems. Full touchscreen display, alarm and home button LED display, USB port for firmware update let you keep up with time. Built with Z-wave feature to allow home devices communicate effectively using wireless protocol. Allows 2-way voice for end users and central station communication through the GC3 panel. Also built with voice descriptors or system vocabulary for easy detection of description of sensor names the user wants to add in the system.


  • 2GIG 3 Control Panel
  • 3 Door/window contacts
  • 1 Motion detector
  • Key fob
  • 1 LTE Cell Card

Key features:

  • Z-wave and Z-wave plus compatible
  • Alarm and home button LED indicator
  • Touch screen display
  • Built-in mic and speaker
  • Cellular radio with internal antenna
  • 2-way voice
  • Maximum of 100 security codes allowed
  • With USB port for system update


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